Sylvia Tello Trumbull began her work with clay and contemporary ceramic sculpture in San Miguel de Allende, a small colonial town located in the high desert of central Mexico.  It was there she joined a local ceramic studio and under the tutelage of a local ceramicists and friend, she began crafting hand-built vessels utilizing traditional pinch/coil and slab methods.  Sylvia’s organic, segmented vessels echo the high desert surrounding landscapes, and are inspired by the shapes and surfaces of indigenous pottery from the Southwest of the United States and of Mexico. Sylvia uses terra sigilata, clay slips and minimal glaze.  Utilizing local brush, manure, salts and oxides in pit-fires and sagger firings she’s able to achieve organic and subdued palettes.  


Recently Sylvia relocated to San Diego, California and established a home studio.  This time her work is inspired by the nearby Torrey Pines seaside cliffs, echoing the organic quality of natural forms, orderly but imperfect shapes, and surfaces that reveal the creative natural hand.